Spatial Planning Observatory

WaySpot is a technological platform for the rapid development of monitoring and management support applications for land management and planning.

Territory Monitoring and Management Support

The platform is based on an open and flexible back-office application that can be configured to adapt to the specific reality of the user entity, whether it is a national, regional or local entity.

WAYspot by waymotion

Why WaySpot?

This solution has been developed for use on web and mobile platforms with a simple interface tailored to the territorial theme.

Observatory Function

Territory monitoring and management support


Monitoring and tracking of ongoing processes and projects

History and Trends

Evolutionary and comparative analysis


Interaction with external entity information through consumption and provision of web services

Data Export

Functions for exploring, visualizing and exporting data in .csv and .xls formats

Advanced Filters

Allows for complex searches through filters

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WaySpot provides a front-office where structured information is presented through indicators and their spatial and graphic representation, allowing to understand the territory, ensuring its evaluation and sustainable development.

User and profile management

Simple interface developed on web and mobile platforms

Integration with external solutions

Completely auditable solution

Integration with multiple databases

Automatic validation of data models