Management and Visualization of Georeferenced Information

WayGIS allows users with little technical knowledge of IT to easily manage, analyze, and make geospatial data available for a given territory.

Helps solve common problems

WayGIS helps solve common problems associated with the use of geographic information in web and mobile environments.

WayGIS by waymotion

Why WayGIS?

WayGIS provides a set of applications for managing and visualizing georeferenced information. The solution allows for the configuration of a set of predefined application modules designed to meet a specific need, where georeferenced information is the common denominator.

Territory and Infrastructure Management

Designed for managing territorial management instruments and territory infrastructure, enabling the printing of plans and various spatial analysis options

Statistical Data and Time Series

Viewing maps with the geographic distribution of time series and statistical data and analyzing the temporal evolution of indicators and metrics.

Mobile Data Collection

The WayGIS mobile application allows for data collection and editing in a mobile environment, with or without GPS on the device, with data synchronized with the central database

Personal Area of Geographical Data

Registered users can enter geographic elements or upload geographic data files, which can later be shared


Emphasizes the promotion of the territory by providing relevant information on tourist attractions, routes, and itineraries


Configuration of various solution modules by administrators: access profiles, entity data model, alphanumeric or geographic relationship-based associations, and creation of additional modules

Reporting & Analytics

Dashboards with data related to platform usage, including module access metrics and use of various application features


Geographic information provided on the platform follows interoperability best practices, including WMS, WFS, WCS, and WMTS standards

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