About us


About us

Since its creation, Waymotion has been committed to creating products that bring value to its customers. With our own 100% national investment, we carry out research and software development activities.

THE waymotion WAY

Our vision

A world where technology makes people’s lives happier and society more responsible and free, where each person is unique and their choice counts.
We aspire to contribute to create global solutions, to strengthen relationships and to develop more effective and safe businesses. Waymotion ambitions to be a tangible reference to our customers whenever they need, anywhere they are. Through the development of simpler or more complex solutions, we want to play a significant role in a global market. We believe that action, motion, mobility and ubiquity, which are core values of Waymotion, are increasingly important in our fast changing world.

Our Mission

To create value with technology. To contribute to solve both simple and complex problems through software development services and consultancy, to organize and make effective knowledge for people and organizations.
Developing our own solutions and products, we have a strong and continuous commitment with Research and Development. We believe that knowledge should be accessible to all and that the open source community, the Web and the integrated solutions with mobile devices are a strong contribution in achieving this objective.

The executive Team

Rui Andrade

chief executive officer

Nuno Cavaco Henriques

CHIEF business development OFFICER

Tiago Santos

chief technology officer

Rita Andrade

chief marketing officer