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Management Tools

The management functions of more complex or larger organizations have requirements that demand strict control of activity across multiple dimensions. Aware of these requirements, Waymotion provides tailor-made solutions for the most demanding and complex requirements. Within this line of solutions, there are developed applications that meet the needs of high precision and necessary management control, such as:


The rigorous management of access control (compliance) for stakeholders and employees (GDPR) of various levels of responsibility (management, supervisors, IT, HR, etc) and different levels of dependency requirements (internal, subcontractors, service providers, etc).

Financial Planning

Budget planning and effective control of its execution, both at the department and project levels, involving teams with multiple reporting lines.


The monitoring of key performance indicators (KPIs) that allows tracking the activity plans of organizations and providing enriching information for operational and strategic decisions.

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Our products:

User Profiles and Access Levels

WayAdmin enables quick administration of user access levels with easy integration into your data source, API, or database.

Budget Control

WayBudget: for regular expenses and expenses linked to project management.

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WayAnalytics is a business intelligence solution for data analysis and visualization, rational and easy to use, with a strong focus on supporting the informed decision-making process.

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