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WayAnalytics is a business intelligence solution for data analysis and visualization that is rational and user-friendly, with a strong focus on supporting informed decision-making processes.

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Because sharing information is essential, WayAnalytics provides access to various types of visualizations, alerts, and reports in a simple and user-oriented manner, keeping your organization informed and focused on its objectives.

WayAnalytics by waymotion

Why WayAnalytics?

Through intuitive graphical representations in multiple formats and with the ability to represent multiple time frames, WayAnalytics helps organizations understand their data history, combining diverse sources, allowing them to understand and predict what may happen in the future.

24/7 access

Fast and easy access to data: anytime, anywhere


Real-time data and alerts

Geo Intelligence

Incorporated geospatial intelligence


Collaborative platform with customizable access levels


Integration with multiple platforms

Data reading

Interpretation of data trends

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WayAnalytics is a Business Intelligence solution that allows organizations to make informed decisions based on analytical data. The data revealed helps with strategic decisions - it is really effective to add intelligence to your business!

Critical knowledge for informed decision-making

Data visualized in real time

Visualizations on different scales

Easy sharing with the right people

Solution tailored to your business

Rapid development