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WayIntegrity allows for confidential reporting, complies with GDPR, and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements related to whistleblower protection established in the current EU Whistleblower Directive and Law 93/2021.

Promote your image with a solid reputation

Better than not having any reports is having reports that help strengthen your mission and activities. Use the WayIntegrity internal reporting channel to improve environmental, social, and governance (ESG) sustainability.

WayIntegrity by waymotion

Why WayIntegrity?

Ensure the reporting process with total security and the confidence of having the correct support and guidance in implementing your digital reporting channel.

Builds trust in the company: protects employees, prevents corruption and misconduct, meets the legal requirements of the Whistleblower Protection Act, and reinforces corporate ethics.


Track ongoing and closed cases in an independent cloud-based system, interact exclusively with authorized personnel, and issue reports in workflow

Ready to use, without installation

Benefit from a ready-to-use system (SaaS) with always-active autonomous resources

Data security

WayIntegrity provides a secure and absolutely confidential reporting channel with a guarantee of anonymity

Process security

We guarantee a reporting system that complies with all international standards for information security systems

Legal advice

Internal or external legal advice can be integrated into the process with full granularity

Training and service

We provide training and assist with parametrization, step by step. We are always available to answer any questions

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Your success is our success

Public and private companies with more than 50 employees must have an internal reporting system and are required to prove that their protection standards meet confidentiality requirements, under the risk of heavy fines, in addition to the negative impact on their reputation.

24h Availability

Communication channel always available


Service independent from other computing resources


The process is easy to understand and execute


Facilitates the reporting of nonconformities with confidentiality and the option of anonymity

Flows and alerts

Automatic management of information flows with deadline control. Issues alerts for service levels and deadlines

Support information

All support information is intuitive and has an independent assistance channel