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Join forces for success: WayLink, the easy and efficient intranet solution.

Easy communication and access to information

WayLink is a solution that facilitates access and sharing of information, improving efficiency and reducing costs. By centralizing procedures, WayLink establishes a direct and transversal communication channel, providing information immediately and universally.

Waylink by waymotion

Why WayLink?

Administrative tasks consume a lot of workers' time. Facilitating these processes reduces the time spent and increases focus on productive and creative activities. WayLink provides all the necessary support information and assists organizations in their operational efficiency and digital transformation.

24-hour access

Fast and simple access to information (corporate, HR, and others) anytime and anywhere

Employee directory

Up-to-date information always available


Transmission of firsthand information


Scheduling corporate events, reserving rooms, parking, and more


Integration with multiple internal platforms (web services and tailor-made)

Support information

Access to all corporate information that regulates and guides activity

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Your success is our success

WayLink is a digital transformation solution that allows organizations to simplify information and streamline processes in non-bureaucratic ways while increasing employee satisfaction.

Critical information for process alignment

Central access to all information spread across various platforms

Organizational maps visualization by teams

Easy sharing creation among teams

Solution tailored to your business

Development compatible with incentives for digitization