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WayFlow is a secure digital document archive and internal process flow management solution that supports information circuits according to the company's governance processes.

The intelligent back office for everyone

All your information collection services and all content are centralized in a single database. WayFlow integrates with specialized applications and common corporate systems such as ERPs and CRMs (e.g. Salesforce and Oracle), and can be connected to web servers, SQL and NoSQL databases, continuous integration tools, and web services.

WayFLOW by waymotion

Why WayFlow?

Easily manage the entire lifecycle of your processes and content, from creation to completion and archiving, with version and status tracking, information security, and full document control.

Flexible control of access levels, roles, and group permissions, configurable in bulk or individually. View history, apply rules to control processes, manage time, send notifications, and much more.


Creation of documents through content capture by scanning or automatic import of emails or other applications


Provides numerous tools for managing and storing documents and contents, with pre-defined or customizable forms

CMS for WayLink and WayPortal

Use WayFlow as a headless CMS for your custom front-end

Robust Scalability

WayFlow offers content search and retrieval services, along with integration, backup and recovery resources, system location and security

Search Resources

The natural way WayFlow organizes documents into folders facilitates their location and access


Easily connect WayFlow to any other external source

Your success is our success

WayFlow is the excellent solution for the digital transformation of your organization, improving and systematizing processes, ensuring the security of all your critical information, and being a safe step towards a more intelligent relationship with customers, suppliers, and community. It strengthens the solidity of your organization and allows for greater scalability of activity without significant indirect costs, promoting greater value creation.

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